The Wedding Collection

Number 1: I’m getting married!!!

Welcome to my very first blog!

So I am getting married this year in May, May 31st to be exact and I have decided to do a collection of blogs in the run up to my wedding covering all the questions and topics I get asked on a regular basis.

Being a busy makeup artist I work with so many beautiful brides year in, year out so it’s only natural I have a wealth of experience and information on lots of wedding things – and some parts I’m just learning about now that it’s my own big day!

So I suppose the place to start would be how we came about choosing our location. At this point I should probably mention that we are not getting married in Ireland but in beautiful Ibiza! It was a natural decision for us to get married abroad because neither of us wanted the traditional church and hotel kind of wedding and we both love a bit of sunshine – who doesn’t!!

The Wedding Collection - Michelle Kinsella Make Up
The Wedding Collection - Michelle Kinsella Make Up Artist

There were some beautiful venue options here with gorgeous outside spaces to have something different but I have done makeup for weddings in the height of our summer when it’s been pouring rain so we just weren’t going to take that chance! So hopefully it doesn’t rain in Ibiza eeek!

We thought about some other destination wedding options such as Italy, France and Portugal but we really didn’t want our guests having to fly a few hours to an airport and then have to drive or bus it another hour or two to a venue. Ibiza is around a two and a half hour flight from Dublin and nowhere is too far from the airport as it’s a small island. Plus we’ve both been before so we know the island, we know the nice places and more importantly the not nice places. We know some beautiful beaches and gorgeous restaurants so it just made sense to us as it meant we could guide our guests where to stay, where to go etc.


We had some mutterings when we announced we were thinking of getting married abroad but I think no matter what you decide you’ll never please everyone anyway so you’ve got to do what you both really want. I speak to brides all the time who, when they ask me where I’m getting married, say ‘Ohhhhh amazing we were going to get married abroad but granny was too old to fly/his parents wanted us to get married at home/my parents wanted us to get married in the local church’ and I can tell they still regret it to this day so we didn’t want to be that couple in 5/10/20 years time who regretted not following our hearts.

So I thought I would give my top 5 tips on picking a venue, at home or abroad and they are as follows:

  1. Budget – So important! Lots of brides will tell you that their original budget got completely blown out of the water but be realistic. Your venue, canapé reception and meal make up the most of your budget so don’t go and view somewhere if you know it’s over your budget it will only lead to tears.. Or a massive loan! Do up your guest list early on so you can have a general idea of numbers so you can calculate it properly.
  2. Location – Again be realistic. If you have your heart set on getting married in a particular church or location then don’t pick a venue too far away or else you will spend a chunk of your wedding day in a car and your guests won’t thank you for it either.
  3. Theme – We don’t have a wedding theme so to speak but what I mean is if you are hoping to have a boho style wedding then a five star luxury castle isn’t really going to fit in with that. On the flip side if you want a super elegant, classical wedding then you’re not going to want it at a glamping venue. Sounds simple but it will cut your list of venues to visit right down for you.
  4. Venue layout – One thing I have come across a lot over the years that is a deal breaker for lots of couples is if the bar at the venue is in a different room to where the meal/dance floor is as it can possibly split the wedding in two when the meal is over with groups of people gathering at the bar and chatting and catching up there, while the rest of the wedding are in sitting at their tables and catching up there. You will know your guests so you will know if this is going to be an issue for you.
  5. And finally if you have your heart set on having a second day kind of event at your wedding venue just check with them first as some venues only allow this if you have your wedding on the Saturday as they don’t take wedding bookings on the Sunday so they can accommodate your wedding party again on the Sunday. However if you get married on a Friday they might require you to check out on the Saturday at 12 o clock to make way for their Saturday wedding guests checking in.

So that’s it for my very first blog (eeek!) I hope you enjoyed it! Next week I will be chatting all about my skincare and prep for the big day which I always advise my brides should start at least six months before the big day!

Love Michelle xx

The Wedding Collection - MichelleKinsella Make Up Artist