The Wedding Collection

Number 3: Hair

It’s your crowning glory and like your skin my mantra is ‘you wear it every day’ so don’t be afraid to spend money on it and look after it to get the best from it. I always say you would think nothing of spending money on a really nice dress that you will wear a few times so really you should spend money on your skin and your hair too because you wear them every single day! I don’t only mean when getting your hair done but equally important are the products you use at home so here I go through everything that I do with my own hair.


Michelle Kinsella Makeup Artist Wedding Collection Blog 3 Hair
Michelle Kinsella Makeup Artist The Wedding Collection 3 Blog Hair

So I get my hair done in Dylan Bradshaw salon in Dublin City Centre. I am part of the artistic team here for five years so I have been getting my tresses tended to by the best in the business since then. They are genuinely all so talented but for my wedding prep hair it has been the uber talented Jenny Dawson that has been looking after my colour for me. I love being blonde but being blonde right up to the root does nothing for my complexion so Jenny does a type of balayage on me then scatters some highlights around the front to keep it nice and bright. Although I have my own idea of what I like I trust her completely so whatever she recommends I go along with. She made a ‘plan’ for my hair as soon as I booked my wedding back in November so you know she means business haha! One of their master stylists Aoife then recommended I get some hair extensions, just at the sides for ‘fillers’ to make my hair look fuller not necessarily longer. I have never had extensions before, the thoughts of them never really appealed to me but I thought if I was ever going to try them it would be for my wedding so I took the plunge and we ordered some from Gold Fever and Jenny popped them in. I have to say I love them – and not only do they make my hair look a little longer (at the front) and fuller, they keep my blonde looking fresher too so win win!!
When I got the extensions in I had to switch to sulphate free shampoo to protect the bonds but I have included my fave shampoos that I was using beforehand too. So pre extensions I used Kerastase Bain Divalent and Shu Umera Cleansing Oil shampoo and after my extensions I switched to Unite Weekender clarifying shampoo. I use Kerastase Volumactive conditioner and every so often Shu Umera Ultimate Remedy as it’s quite heavy but it great for a hydration injection into your hair. The Unite 7 seconds spray is an amazing leave in detangler which makes brushing my hair so much easier after I wash it – my hair gets quite tangled with all the blonde I suppose it doesn’t help. I use a Shu Umera paddle brush on my hair which is a gentler type of brush so it’s perfect for extensions but I actually used it pre extensions as well. I tend to blast dry my hair then and either tie it up going to bed to create a bend in it when I wake and take it down or I style it with a wand for a beachy boho style. I love L’oreal Playball Beach Fizz for a salty textured finish and there are lots of these kind of sprays on the market. I also love spritzing dry shampoo into my roots for a bit of volume and texture because I don’t like my hair soft and silky and flat.



So that’s my hair details! I will do another post on my actual wedding hair but not till after the wedding as I was to keep it a surprise! I have included a picture of my favourite go to upstyle which is a soft, loose, hailo braid which looks even better after sleeping on it!! Adrian from Dylan’s is an upstyle wizard and he just gets my style so always does an amazing job for me as you will see in the pic.

I hope you have enjoyed my next instalment in The Wedding Collection – check back in with me next time when I talk all about bridesmaids!!! Tips on choosing them and how to be a great one – I have seen it all!!

Love Michelle xx


Michelle Kinsella Makeup Artist The Wedding Collection 3 Blog Hair